Alexander Hemarios a professional wedding photographer - Studio R25 Ltd.I am Alexander Hemarios a professional wedding photographer based in London, England. My “love affair” with photography started rather early in my life, at the age of 11. I was due to travel alone for the first time and saved enough to treat myself with an all…plastic film camera. I will never forget the feeling when shortly after the trip I saw my first pictures printed; I was so excited about these grainy little prints that my father let me start using his own 35mm film SLR camera (an early 60’s Canon FX with an FL 50mm f/1.8 lens). He then gave me my first ever photography lessons and all of his photography books to study. What an inspiration that was! I was really blown away and behind the camera surrounded by lenses, celluloid and prints I instantly felt at home. I was the new Henri Cartier-Bresson to say the least, right?

25 years, 3 university degrees, dozens of cameras and lenses and hundreds of thousands of photos later, here I am today doing what I love the most. I have crossed continents, I have climbed mountains, I have travelled afar, I have gotten cold, muddy, wet just to get a landscape photo the way I want it. I have listened to many life stories, I have engaged in philosophical conversations, I have felt the pain, love, happiness of people to take their portrait photo. Each time I lift my camera and look through the viewfinder I’m seeing a completely new world: a world I cannot stop exploring. Photography for me is a journey. It’s a journey of sensations linked together with all those fleeting moments frozen for ever with a click. Would you care to be part of my journey of photographic exploration? If so please get in touch with me today and lets arrange a meet up.

Thank you!